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Rich experience over many years

Since our foundation in 1969, we have practiced not only IP applications, prosecution, and trials but also litigation and licensing services for clients around the world. We are confident that our advice can lead you to get and use IP rights timely and appropriately.

Tight global connection

Through our qualified achievements, we have won deep trust from overseas clients around the world. Considering difference of IP system in Japan from your home country, we can provide an appropriate guidance to you in getting IP rights in Japan.

Personnel Capability

Our staff take charge of a case from beginning to end and globally. This provides our staff with a golden opportunity to accumulate valuable knowledge and experience. You can be sure about the capability of our staff.

Scientific Expertise

Covering all technical fields makes it possible to struggle with an invention extending over several fields. We are willing to work on such an invention that is not classified into the existing categories.



We have a variety of staff with different technical backgrounds covering all technical fields, e.g., chemistry/biotechnology, electrical engineering/electronics and mechanical engineering.

Organic/Inorganic materials, Petrochemicals, Fibers and Textiles, Dyes, Lubricants, Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Biotechnology, etc.
Semiconductors, Electronic parts, Electric materials, Electric/Electronic circuits, Batteries, Telecommunication equipment, Sensors, Displays, Optical devices, High frequency apparatus, Other electric/electronic apparatus, etc.
Precision instruments/machines, Machine tools, Automobiles, Medical devices, Measuring instruments, Architectures, Manufacturing equipment, Other machines, Mechatronics, etc.


We can provide appropriate advice for grant of a right considering strict requirements and distinctive systems of the Designs Act in Japan.


We have rich experience in a lot of domestic and overseas applications, oppositions, trials for invalidation and revocation, etc.


We are proud of our history having been dealing with many dispute cases including infringement litigations.


We can provide services for licensing negotiation, drafting and concluding contracts, planning of IP strategy, and other consultation.


We have qualified in-house translators for English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English translations of IP documents.


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7th Floor, NS Building, No. 2-22, Tanimachi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0012 JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0)6 6943 8922
FAX: +81 (0)6 6946 0825

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